Our Head Professional, Mitch Pryor and Assistant Professional, Jason Butt, are always available to provide assistance with all your golfing needs. Their knowledge within the golfing industry is second to none and are always willing to provide advice regarding golf clubs, shoes, clothing, balls, grips, gloves and other accessories.

Both Mitch and Jason have years of experience as both players and coaches. Their coaching abilities are of an exceptional standard and can be applied to the part-time golfer through to the keen and aspiring tour professionals. Whether it be a detailed training program or a social playing lesson both professionals will ensure you get the most out of your lesson!

Our Proshop is open 7 days a week from 7am.

”I’m a big believer in building a solid foundation of the basic fundamentals and allowing the swing to work and evolve with those movements in turn keeping the process as clean and as understanding as possible” – Mitch

45 minute lesson $60 (includes range balls)
45 minute short game $40
3 lesson package $150 (includes range balls)
9 hole playing lesson $140
Junior lesson 30 minutes $20

 Junior Clinics

Our Junior clinics are run on Thursday afternoons during school terms from 3:45pm – 4:15pm. Our clinics are an ideal stepping stone for aspiring golfers to take the first step in golf and begin learning the basics (grip, stance, alignment, posture etc) whilst having a fun and interactive session with like minded golfers. Please call Mitch or Jason on (02) 4352 1511 for more information or to make a booking.

Birdies Program 2020 

Eagles Program 2020

Club Fitting and Repairs

Having your new clubs fitted is an extremely important process to go through.  Clubs made to measure gives you the confidence and satisfaction you need to trust your equipment purchase.

We offer a comprehensive repair service with fast turnaround time.  Our staff have years of repair experience. We have a large range of grips and shafts for you to choose from and other products can be ordered in, if required. Other services include:

  • Shaft extensions
  • Grip thicken
  • Graphite shaft extraction
  • Lie and loft changes
  • Shoe respiking
  • Head reglue


Repair  Cost 
SuperStroke Putter Grips $39.95 – $55
Winn Putter Grips $29.95 – $55
Basic Putter Grips $19.95 – $35
Golf Pride Grips $14 – $25
Lamkin Grips $14 – $25
PureForm Grips $15
SuperStroke Grips $17 – $20
Professional Grips $10
Graphite Re-Shafts $55+
Steel Re-Shafts $25+
Alterations $10 per club
Re-Spikes $1.50 per spike

*All pricing includes fitting

Pro’s Tips

Bunker Lesson

Bunker play is a challenge in the game of golf for all of us at some time, but can become a strength with persistent practice and patience. A simple but effective drill to practice for bunkers is called the ‘Line drill’. The line drill is practiced in a bunker and is designed to teach players how to consistently control the impact of the club at the bottom of your swing.

Key steps to the line drill

Using a sand wedge or lob wedge which ever you prefer draw a line in a practice bunker. Take your stance with your front foot two inches in front of the line. Open the club-face and then grip the club. Your hands and club should be sitting above the line drawn in the sand.

Now, make some practice swings and see where your club bottoms out in relation to the line drawn in the sand. The idea is to swing the club back and through with a natural hand hinge contacting the sand on the front part of the line drawn. Keep making practice swings until the club consistently enters the sand on the front part of the line.

Then, place a ball two inches in front of the line and make the same swing. Note, keep the club moving and accelerating through the sand and the ball will come out with ease. The secret when in a bunker is to try to make contact with the sand and not the ball. When the sand is exploded into, the force will allow the ball to float out on a cushion of sand. This drill will also help you in judging your distances a lot better as your contact will be more consistent.

Further lessons can be booked through the Proshop by calling 02 4352 1511.

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