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CLICK HERE for all golf bookings (miclub)

CLICK HERE to access mpower for results before 11th November.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR MICLUB (new booking system):

Logging On

You will be prompted to login, your username is your Wyong Golf Club member number and your new password is now your birth day and month (e.g. “0705” for 7 May). Upon logging in for the first time the system will ask you to change your password to something more secure.

Trouble logging in?
Please contact the office ASAP.

Update Your Details
When you first login please update your member details. In particular phone numbers and email address, this will greatly assist the club in keeping all members information up to date. All members’ details are private unless you choose otherwise.

Members Page
Once logged onto the site you will be taken to your own personal welcome page. On this page you will see your contact details, a link to your golf bookings, golf competition results, a playing partner’s setup screen and a general Club notice board. From this screen you will also be able to navigate around the complete site including many pages which are only available to members of the club.

Members will also have access to a ‘My Information’ page which gives members access to live competition leaderboards as well as ‘MiStats’ which tracks the performance of each member in competition play. This feature will display the members best and worst holes as well as birdie, par and bogey percentages.

New Online Timesheet System
Once logged in, navigate to the Timesheets area by clicking on ‘Golf Bookings’ which will appear under ‘Members’ on the main menu accordion.

Practise timesheets will be available on the new member’s online booking facility until 2/11/2020. Practise timesheets will be available to practise your normal booking.

Please be aware that the first Online Timesheet with the new system will be for Wednesday 11th November 2020. This timesheet will open for bookings on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at 6pm.

Timesheets exist for every day, please be sure to book, to avoid disappointment. Any course closures and or syllabus changes will be updated on the website. Similar to making a booking, members can also delete their booking by selecting the red cross next to their name on the timesheet. Timesheets for online bookings close on the morning of play, from then on, any cancellations must be made through the Pro Shop.

Timesheet Changeover Period
Timesheets prior to 10/11/2020 inclusive will be available as the current system.
Timesheets from 11/11/2020 onwards will be on the new system.

Reminder Emails
Once live the booking system will automatically send email reminders 48 hours prior to any golf booking. If you cannot play at this booked time, please remove yourself ASAP to allow an opportunity for another member to play.

Lottery Ticketing
A new ‘Lottery’ feature for the booking system will apply to Wednesday and Saturday timesheets.

Members will now Join the Draw within 30 minutes of timesheet open and be allocated a ticket with a position number in a virtual queue when the countdown timer reaches zero.

Step 1: Member Enters Draw

Step 2: Member waits for teesheet to open

Step 3: Member is delegated a position in the queue. The member will be redirected to the booking page when the position reaches zero.

The ‘Lottery’ will send the first 10 members into the timesheet to make a booking, all others will get a ticket in the queue to enter the timesheet when those ahead have completed their booking.  This may add 15 to 20 seconds to the booking experience for those not in the first 10.

The benefits of the ‘Lottery’ are:

  • No more fastest click wins
  • Your device or internet speed will not affect your entry in the draw
  • Random draw for all
  • Fairer for all as resembles a traditional members draw here at the club
  • There’s less chance you will be rejected with ‘Row Taken’